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Aug 28, 2013 2:00am PDT
memorial to mark the anniversary. john lewis will be there. former presidents, george w. and george h.w. bush will not be attending due to health issues. >>> already a big player in politics, but what about this, could it become the center the sports world in 2020? organizers pushing the city as a potential host for the summer olympics. touting its infrastructure and support as big pluses. the d.c. area already has a stadium, a big arena for basketball and plenty of hotel space. >> washington, d.c. is the only global capital that has never hosted the olympic games yet. and it's our turn. >> but there is plenty of competition, the u.s. olympic committee is said to be considering about 35 other places in the nation to be the choice for the ioc. and then international cities that are likely to be in the running. and it gets highly competitive. the competition is steep. >> i lived in d.c. for nearly seven years, seeing with the inauguration and large crowds -- >> do you think it's a good choice? >> yeah, i don't think it's a bad choice. not that my opinion matters. >>> coming up here on
Aug 7, 2013 2:00am PDT
george w. bush is on the mend this morning after undergoing surgery to open up a blockage in his heart. the blockage was exposed during an annual physical. the procedure went perfectly. bush is expected to leave the hospital today and be back on his normal schedule by thursday. >> back out biking soon. >>> former presidential candidate mitt romney is warning members of his own party, a government shutdown, he says, is not the answer. some congressional republicans have proposed not letting any spending bills pass until obama care is defunded. but romney told donors at a new hampshire republican event that the consequences of such a move could be dire. if soldiers don't get paid or seniors don't get their social security checks, they could hold it against the republican party in the future, mitt romney says. >>> we're hearing now from an 11th accuser against san diego mayor bob filner. michelle tyler alleges filner asked her to engage in a sexual relationship with him in exchange for his help in a case of an injured former marine who had been battled with the v.a. tyler said filner aske
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2